Party Hard Wikia

Pool Party is the 9th level in the game. The level starts with 41 partygoers, including 2 bouncers.


The party takes place on a rooftop in the Colorado state. It shares a similar layout as the NeonTop Party: A large main area at the centre, and two small balconies, one on each side.

The centre of the main area is the location of the pool that gives the level it's name. The pool counts as a room, so killing partygoers in there will not alarm others outside of it.

Map Interactions[]


There are 7 traps you can interact with in this level, some of these will be present or not depending on the map variant you're playing on:

  • Speakers.
  • Punch bowl.
  • Bungalow bar.
  • Two spots where you can push people off the roof. They are marked with warning signs.
  • Gumball Machines
  • 3 Vent fans
  • Conga line (Dj Interaction)


There is a suitcase on the left balcony.

Escape Routes/Shortcuts[]

There is only one escape route in the level, a slide that takes you from the south leftmost area into the pool at the centre of the level. It is, of course, one way only.

Phone Calls[]

There are two phones, one right next to the lift, and the other one next to the bar (or "bungalow"). Using either of them in this level will cause 15 more people to come to the party. While this may seem as extra people to kill, it could be helpful if you are trying to get a high score points-wise, these people will provide more points when you kill them.

There is also a chance of the Trench Coat Dealer coming through the lift when using any phone.

Extra Interactions[]

At the bottom part of the building, by the outside walls, you can see a platform carrying two people cleaning the windows at the centre and one painting a graffiti on the right side of the building. Interacting with them will cut the ropes that supports them causing them to fall to their deaths, giving extra points.


There are two bouncers. One is constantly switching between guarding the entrance to the balcony on the left, and blocking the north most area of the same balcony.

The second bouncer moves around a little more but is usually close to the dance floor, on the right of the main area.



People in the pool cannot be seen from outside of it, and it only has one exit on the north side, so a good strategy is to enter the pool and kill the person who is closest to the ladder, then run to the ladder but stay in the water, anyone in the pool that sees the dead body will try to escape and call the cops, but since you are guarding the only exit, you can kill them before they use the ladder. You will also be in a position to kill anyone who enters the pool before they have time to react.

Rain of Bodies[]

As with many traps, pushing people down through the wall breach on the east balcony does not cause others to see you as a murderer; and unlike other traps you can use this method multiple times. The place is quite secluded, so if the potential victim is not standing close enough to the edge, a table and a couple of chairs will shield you from most prying eyes and allow you to stab them and then dispose of the dead meat. Moreover, this balcony is a popular place for people taking naps, if you cannot stab people because there are too many witnesses, you can simply grab a sleeping person and directly dispose of them by throwing them down; again this does not seem to draw anyone's attention. And lastly, there are no phones, and similarly to the pool, there is only one exit from the balcony, which offers a lot of protection from witnesses outside the balcony, so if someone suspects anything, you still have chances to catch them on their way out.

If Katie is unlocked, this strategy will become a lot easier since she can knock out people then carry their bodies then push them off the roof with no suspicion.