Party Hard Wikia
Vital statistics
Position Law Enforcer
Age 60
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

The police have the ability be arrest any suspicious individuals. The police officer is an NPC which appear when a partygoer sees a dead body and calls the police. With the police present, if the player is seen carrying, murdering, or is near a dead body, the player will be chased and, if caught, arrested. This will result in the "Busted" ending.

The player can evade the police by running away or using traps to kill the police officer. If the player manages to do so, the next police that arrives becomes slightly faster and more durable.


A police officer wears a primary blue uniform, along with a peaked cap. They are armed with a black baton by their side, which is held by the belt. They have black shoes, and their hair appears short and grey. Police officers have a badge on one side of the coat.


Being armed with a baton, if the officer is close enough to a murder suspect, they will use the baton to knock the suspect out, before carrying and detaining them.



A police officer will arrest any individuals with handcuffs above their heads; this means if a partygoer was spotted near a dead body and they have handcuffs above their heads, they will be arrested. If you are seen near a dead body or killing someone, the handcuffs will be above your head.


  • While being chased by a police, if the player uses a shortcut, A handyman will be present and will block the shortcut, making it unable to travel through.
  • Sometimes, if a police officer is killed by a trap, two special agents will arrive at the scene and if they spot you, they will apprehend you. These special agents can also be killed by traps.
  • If you attempt to stab the police, he will turn around and capture you; you cannot kill the police by stabbing them.
  • You can also get handcuffs when you stab the swat or after carrying someone that will kick your ass.