Party Hard Wikia

The Miami Party is the 6th level of Party Hard. On the first playthrough, Katie is the only playable character for this level. However, after you complete the level once, you can choose any character. There are 59 partygoers and 2 bouncers at the start of the level.


The party takes place by the beach and in a relatively open space with no rooms. You can see the SSRoyale smoking in the background, showing the aftermath of the previous level.

Traps and Make a Call[]

There are 9 traps in this level, some of these will be present or not depending on the map variant you're playing on:

  • A bike
  • A panda cage
  • A keg or a punch bowl
  • 2 palm trees you can knock down
  • A Barbecue grill or a Electric barbecue
  • A Porta-potty
  • A hanging electric wire.
  • A rolling table with electric equipment
  • 2 loudspeakers

Make a Call[]

The Make a Call for this level summons zombies. They will slowly kill and convert the partygoers into more zombies. However, you will also need to kill the zombies if you summon them.


Due to the severe lack of escape routes and dumping sites, an easy strategy for this level is to use all the traps and Make a Call. The player will not be arrested for killing zombies, so it is best to keep their numbers down to avoid them all charging at once at the player. However, it should be noted that calling in the zombies will add two to the number of people alive, and zombies "turning" others do not count as deaths until you kill the zombie. If you decide to do this at a high number of people left alive, avoid knocking the trees over as they hinder mobility.

For a trap-less playthrough, it is best to pick off individuals in the bottom left (by the tower) and the top left (the couch area where most people are sleeping). Behind the shack next to the phone on the top right is also a viable place, but make sure to keep your distance from the band when doing so because they may call the police on you. When playing as Katie, you can also kick individuals (knocking them out) and carry their bodies into places where few to no people are and kill them there.