Party Hard Wikia

"It seemed obvious to me that this was just the beginning, and I had Las Vegas down as one of the contenders for the next attack. Course, the problem is that Las Vegas is one hell of a land mass to keep a watchful eye over..."

Description []

Casino Party is the 3rd level of the game. It is located in Las Vegas in the year 2000. The difficulty of this level is standard. This level has 7 areas: a pool, a main dance room, a kitchen, a show stage, a small hallway, a vault and an outdoor area. Population is somewhere around 60+.

Traps, Interactive Objects, Security, and Escape Routes[]

There are 8 traps in this level. The traps are: a bubblegum machine in the small hallway, a stove and a gas can in the kitchen, 2 speakers in the dance area, a car in the dance area, a bubble gum machine outside and a electric wire on the show stage.

After a while a salesman comes to the party and when he opens his jacket you can take a random item. You can get a smoke grenade, a bomb, spare clothes, a stun bomb, or a sword. There is also a briefcase in the vault.

There are two bouncers at this party. One is guarding a vault and the other is at the front door, so if you walk past him he will start chasing you. There are no special agents on this level. If you use the bomb the SWAT team is going to come.

There are two escape routes. One is in an alley outside and the other is in the kitchen. They both lead to each other. If a cop is chasing you and you use one of the routes, Mario will come out of the sewer and he will destroy that route so that you can't use it later. If you kill someone there are three ways to get rid of the body. The sewer, and 2 dumpsters.


When you start the level half a minute later 4 robbers will come to the party and they will start fighting with the bouncer that is guarding the vault. They will kill him and they will start stealing money from the vault.