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Bouncers are enemies in Party Hard. They are bulky characters that are capable of apprehending the player, resulting in a 'BUSTED' ending. In co-op, they instead kill the player.



There are 2 types of Bouncers: One with tan skin, black pants, shoes, a black shirt, and black sunglasses. He also has blonde, somewhat spiked hair. The second bouncer has a black tank top, pants and shoes; however, he has short black hair and a beard.


Bouncers are mainly neutral to the player. They seem to wander around the party aimlessly, picking and choosing entrances and exits to guard. When they are guarding an entrance, they will not let the player in the room. They will attack the player and chase them to a certain degree if the player escapes. If they capture the player, The level will result in a 'BUSTED' ending. Bouncers can also call the Police if they witness a murder. They have custom taunts and phrases as well, such as "I WILL BREAK YOU!".