Party Hard Wikia

"His confusion. The blood dripping from his hands, like someone else was driving him forward - yet a bright light leading him onwards ."

"I heard that "bright light" , as you so eloquently put it, was just a bunch of biker trash scumbags in search for lost souls..."


Biker Party is the 2nd level of the game. It is located somewhere around San Francisco in year 2000. It has four rooms : a main dance room, a garage, a hallway and a small room in the right corner, a small barn and an outdoor area. Population is 35+

Traps and Make a call[]

Depending on the map variant you play on, the traps you can find on this level are:

  • A car parked inside a garage
  • A keg barrel you can poison.
  • A horse, either at the entrance or at the barn.
  • A barbecue
  • A gas can.
  • A motorbike
  • A bull

The Trench Coat Man won't show up in this level, but there is a briefcase with a random object inside it behind the garage. There are no bouncers or secret agents at this party. Although If you activate a bomb the SWAT team will come to the party and start knocking out everyone in the room.

There are 2 escape routes in this map:

  • In the small room with the gas can there is a window with a ladder that leads outside, and a trapdoor that leads to the Barn and vice versa.


At the start of the level, one of the bikers will start arguing with someone and display the message "What did you say about my momma?" , then he will kill a random person in the dance room. The cops will come and arrest him.

Sometimes a bear will sneak into the party, adding a count into the partygoers number.

The Make a Call for this level summons the Butcher or a Terrorist. The Butcher will either go on a killing spree of his own or drop off 4 scared partygoers. The Terrorist blows himself up near the top phone, SWAT will arrive and beat up random partygoers near the scene.


At the beginning of the level, you will see a group of people gathered around the barbecue. Interacting with the car in the garage first will cause it to run over them. This will also break the fence near the road, allowing for a quick escape route. If a keg is present in the map, poisoning it will do for easy kills, adding the fact that other partygoers can be framed and arrested if poisoned people die near them. Be careful, though, as if they drop dead close to you, you will be instantly framed.

On the right side of the map, two people will be dancing near the barn and surrounded by chickens. They won't move anywhere or react to dead bodies or you killing anybody, so you can save them for last. However, be careful with the chickens, as they might react to murder and will try to knock you out. So you either must kill the chickens first or kill the two partygoers quickly. Don't worry, nobody will react to you killing the chickens.